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Newsletter - January 2020

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Safety Precautions

Stay safe by taking simple precautions ...
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Safe Shopping Advice

Don't give pickpockets a chance

Safe ShoppingStay alert - Be aware of who is around you.

Never get distracted - Pickpockets can work in teams or pairs so be alert. Pay particular attention to your valuables if a stranger talks to you, bumps into you, offers you something or tries to distract you.

Only carry what you need - Don't carry large amounts of cash, you can always withdraw more if you need to.

Keep your identity safe - Remove documents with your personal details, such as bank statements, from your handbag before you go shopping.

Report - Contact police immediately if you are a victim of a crime.

Using an ATM - Be aware of who is around you, conceal your pin number as you input it. Put your card and cash away safely before leaving the ATM.

Do not use the ATM - lf there is anything suspicious about it or if you feel uncomfortable with any of the people standing nearby.

Keep MP3 players, smart phones and multimedia devices out of sight.

Keep your house keys and car keys in your pocket rather than in your bag – Change your locks if your keys are lost or stolen. Do not label your house keys with your identification, address or even your house number in case they fall into the wrong hands.


Always carry your handbag in front of you - Keep the clasp facing inwards make sure you can see your bag at all times.

Keep your handbag closed - Never be tempted to leave it open.

Protect your purse - Attach bells or use a purse cable. Keep your purse in a zipped part of your handbag.

Your purse is more secure if it is difficult to open - Use a purse that has a zip or that snaps closed.

Never make a gift of your handbag or purse - Don't Leave your handbag or purse on the shop counter, shopping trolley or shop floor.

Spread your valuables around – For example carry your phone in your bag and your money in your jacket.


Use front pockets - It is safer to keep valuables in front trouser pockets, especially buttoned or zipped pockets.

Never pat your pocket where your wallet is kept - This draws attention to where you keep your wallet.

Mobile phones

Don't leave the phone sitting on a table in a bar or restaurant - Someone may try to distract you with one hand and swipe your phone with the other.

Walking and talking in the street – lf distracted you are more likely to be a target for a thief, who can simply snatch the phone from your hand and run off. Frequently thieves use bicycles to help them steal – a person is approached by an individual on a bike, who snatches their mobile or MP3 player and cycles off.

It only takes a few simple steps to help protect your phone, your money and your information.

Never leave your phone unattended or allow anyone else to use it.

Report lost or stolen mobiles immediately to the service provider or ring 08701 123 123 - This is important as you may be liable for the cost of any calls that have been made until the time of the report.

Lock your phone to your SIM card – This security feature minimises the possibility of your phone being used with another SIM card.

Set up a password or enable the PIN security feature of your mobile phone – This will mean that the phone can only be used after the PIN has been keyed in. To create a PIN access the phone's security feature (or ask your service provider for advice).

Register your phone - Use www.immobilise.com and notify them if the phone is stolen. 0nce registered you can print out the phones details for the police and insurance companies. Also, the details of your stolen phone are available to all the major UK Police forces.

Property mark your mobile - Use your postcode and house number e.g. XX11 1XX (1) to help police identify it.

Consider installing and enabling a free Security Application (App) - Contact your service provider or retailer for more details.

If you lose your phone on a night out – Ring the phone and venue over the next few days to check if it has been found.